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It is said, ‘’Life is full of beauty, one just has to notice it.’’ At Vedovas, we help in bringing out the best in you, so that you turn heads around, wherever you go. Vedovas herbal care products for skin, hair and body care induce the necessary confidence in you by improving your features and bringing out the best in you.

Ancient Ayurvedic science and technology has always believed in giving people what the nature has richly bestowed on them. We, at Vedovas share the same belief and in turn have turned to nature to seek cure of various skin, hair and body problems. Our manufacturing units use highly developed scientific methods to give you the best of Ayurveda. Combining modern science and ancient Ayurvedic technology, we present to you nature’s bounty and healing secrets, sealed in a pack!

Use of Ayurvedic medicines prepared from herbal plants, dates back to the early centuries of mankind. Before the dawn of science and technology, ancient humans relied only on nature for healing. Since, nature is pure, the healing and repairing that it does is also pure and fresh. Our herbal care products are specially designed to answer the age old problems of skin, hair and body. According to Ayurveda, life is a combination of mind, body, soul and senses. Targeting these areas with a holistic approach, our aim is to spread the knowledge of physical as well as mental health through nature to the whole world.

India has been a forerunner in first understanding the healing powers of nature. Our history is full of stories where people in ancient times used to tackle deadly diseases through nature. People in those times seldom had any kind of skin or hair problem. Ayurveda had been an integral part of our society, then. With the advancement of science, we have stopped looking at nature for help and instead rely on chemicals, some of which has adverse side effects.

With absolutely no side effects of the products formed by herbal plants, our company, Vedovas has made it a mission to help people understand and turn back to nature again and make Ayurveda an important part of their lives. By turning to nature, we welcome the healing and preventive processes and help make life more pleasant and pleasurable.

Our company, Vedovas has been awarded GMP certification. We ensure that before launching, all our products go through rigorous clinical tests to have a really long lasting effect on the lives of our consumers.  

Harnessing the wealth of nature in our herbal products, over the years, we have built a reputation of a nature loving brand and have gained the trust of our valuable customers.


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