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Vedova’s Oudh & Walnut Soap in an ayurvedic formulation. The soap is made up of Agarwood Oil, Walnut Oil, Margosa and Tea tree oil. It works for deep cleanses the pores of skin. It doesn’t have any harsh additives hardening agent that could harmful for your skin. The regular use of this soap helps body to protect against skin problems like ringworm, pimples and skin diseases. It leaves the skin clean and healthy without disturbing the natural pH balance


  • Oudh / Agarwood (Aquilaria agoiloach wood oil)              4.0%
  • Akhrot Tail (Joglens regia oil)                                        4.0%
  • Neem tail(Azadirachta indica oil)                                  0.20%
  • Nariyal tail(Cocos nucifera oil)                                        7.0%
  • Tea tree tail(Melaleuca alternifolia oil)                            0.20%
  • Cleanser base                                                               Q.S.

Direction of use: Apply appropriate amount to the skin. Massage gently. Rinse well with water.

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