Tulsi body soap- Feel the Fragrance through the day

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We provide the body care soap that is made of the most famous Ayurvedic ingredients, tulsi or the Basil which is mixed with neem, tea tree oil, badam and nariyal tail along with other natural elements. 

We offer this Ayurvedic soap with the natural ingredients tulsi and neem which contain the antibacterial and the anti fungal compounds which make it very special and will be a better choice for all the seasons.

Few benefits of the Ayurvedic formulation of this tulsi body soap are as follows:

  • As these are made of natural ingredients they do not have any sort of side effects on the skin and offers a smooth and gentle feel to the skin.
  • We made the soap that is free of chemical ingredients and artificial preservatives so that you can start a pleasant day with the touch of nature in your house.
  • The main ingredient of our soap tulsi has the capability of cleansing the skin and help in fighting the micro organisms’ and skin will not only turn soft but will be free of all skin diseases.
  • Our soap prevents all kinds of skin infections, including the pimples, acne and regular usage of this soap will allow you to get rid of even ringworm and eczema.

Also the other ingredients like nariyal, badam, errand and tea tree oil moisturizes the skin and our body soap allows you to stay fresh and prevents the dryness of the skin so is suitable for all types of skin and helps in restoring the glow.

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